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Is it nerves. I donno. I dont want to see my doc.

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Hi all.

I thought I come here first before I decide to see my doc. Its pretty wordy, so bare with me.

I had this burning sensation on the left side of my face going down to my left shoulder blade.
Well I say burning...I do not know what it was because I was feeling emence pain on my left shoulder. I thought I done damage to it, but, it was a lazy day. After a few hours of rest, I felt heaps better, but what followed was an itchy sensation on my ribs. Scratching brought no relief, tho. I was quite mild anyway.

Meh, I thought nothing of it, so I carried on with my day. Days later, that itchy feeling was still there that would come in intervals during the day. Again, scratching brought no relief.

BUT THEN I massaged my neck, tence my shoulders, and I got that burning tingle feeling follwed by pain I got the other week. It was mild and it quickly went as soon as. Went to bed, then I woke up with this burning feeling all over my face, neck, shoulder, and a tingling sensation on my legs hands, feet, but this is what made me come on here. Coz I heard a crack in my neck, then the tingling, and burning feelin that woke me up began to subside.

Is it anything I should be worried about? I really dont want to see my doc, coz everytime I request to see another doc, they stick me with this guy I dont really like coz he is my gp. It's my right to see another doc, but what the hell.:mad:

Thanks all and have a nice weekend.


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    I think it's a good idea to see your doctor, that might be serious.

    If you don't want to see your regular GP, either ask outright not to see him (or even to change who you're registered with) or say you'd prefer to see a woman. They can't refuse either request.
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    Thank for the advice.
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