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My Super Sweet 16



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    Just bumping this thread as it's YouthNet's 16th Birthday today! :yippe:

    YouthNet is the charity that runs, you can find out more about our birthday here:

    Feel free to keep sharing your stories and when itself turns 16 next year we'll have plenty more celebrations for you to get involved in :)
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    I can barely remember being 16, but I do remember being socially awkward and bullied a lot. So, my advice to my younger self:

    Yes, you are a geek. Look it up in the dictionary. See. Now don't worry about being called names. Don't worry about trying to be cool. You just come across as a wannabe. Embrace your geekiness. Be happy with the way you are.

    You're bi. Deal with it.

    Don't be afraid to ask teachers for help. You deserve to go far, don't let embarrassment hold you back.
    Don't do manufacturing engineering; it's a dead end. Go for naval architecture, or if you can't get into that, try computer programming.
    When you get to university, join the roleplaying society in the first year. It will be fun and you will make freinds.

    Edited to say: And stop brushing your hair to the side. Eventually it will curl round like that, and it will be impossible to straighten out!
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