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losing friends

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I think I've lost friends or starting to lose friends even someone I use to call best friend I use to have loads and go on nights out with them but the past couple of months I feel I'm losing them

I use to talk to them all the time go on nights out every weekend but now they don't talk to me much or not at all I feel like I'm tryin to be there friend and they just don't wanna no me if they are going on a night out they don't ask me and sometimes if I text them if they are they don't text me back

Atm I've only got a handfull of friends who I don't have to try and be there friends

So im kind off feeling down about it all and starting to feel abit of a loner


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    I've felt like this before, over time friends can naturally drift apart, not because anyone's done something wrong but just as people grow up. One time I found this happened was when friends started getting into serious relationships. You might want to try and go to evening classes or join a club to find people with the same interests as you?
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    Well I think everyone has the feeling at least once in their life, often a lot. I know from my own experiences I usually have this feeling and it can make you feel extremely lonely, make you lack confidence etc.

    But I think instead you should think about what you could do, instead of getting yourself down. For example, have you sat down and talked to these people about your feelings? Have you invited them to do something or are you always relying on them to ask you to do something? Have you considered that perhaps you have grown up or situations have changed and therefore you don't have as much in common as before?

    Perhaps it is just because you are feeling quite lonely and down that you are over analyzing the situation and what you believe is going on, really isn't. Or what your mind is telling you about what your friends think just isn't true?

    I'm just spectating, but perhaps this is the case? Also keep in mind, that friends come and go, as you need to learn something new and they are your teachers, so once those lessons have been learnt they often leave :)

    Hope you start feeling more confident soon :)
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