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I`ve really been struggling with this in my life for a while now, I just have no motivation to get up and do things or try to do things.
I feel like I WANT to do something but then think about it, realise what I`ll have to do and then feel like I just dont have the energy to do it at all.

Im really just like "whatever, cant be arsed and theres no point anyway".

Its really affecting my work life (it doesnt help that my job is full of shit and is always a shithole that Im now gonna be taking the fall over) romantic life and my hobbies and interests too.

With work I got moved off into the warehouse which is an absolute shit hole full of crap, old food and proucts that should have been wasted and thrown but are lleft and are stinking and covered in flies and no real decent space and it never gets any better.
Nothing gets sorted and now it looks like Im gonna be taking the fall and getting moved off the department to cover our new boss`s back (it wasnt half as bad before he came on, the guy before was much better and helpful).

I used to regularly practice guitar but I havent done that for ages as I just have lost complete interest in putting the effort and time into doing that, which I feel frustrated with but when I go to play I cant get the concentration going and just get bored.
I usually do martial arts too but now Im not feeling interest in doing that either.

With regards to my romantic life I havent even bothered trying to meet anyone since before christmas really, I just feel its pointless trying as "girls arent interested in me anyway so why bother trying" and this feeling gets stronger and stonger when girls never seem interested in talking to me but really into my mates and other guys, so Im like why bother at all?
Also, somtimes I do feel and want to meet and ask a girl out I like but then I kinda hold myself back and dont, I always think back to what happened with me and my ex and just feel like I never want to go through that ever again, all the hurt, stress and being fucked up.


  • LauraOLauraO Posts: 535 Incredible Poster
    :wave: The Leaf,

    It sounds like you are stuck in a bit of a cycle of not feeling motivated to try new things or meet new people. It also sounds as though you are unfulfilled in your job at the moment and with the people you work with *hug*

    It is very likely that if you are feeling unsatisfied and under-appreciated at work this will affect your personal life and feelings. Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else (apart from possibly in bed) during an average week, so if your unhappy there it is unsurprising that it is making you feel lacking in motivation overall.

    Firstly, have you thought about looking for a new job? Perhaps if you found a new job or role you would feel happier in it, and also get the opportunity to meet new people?

    Also, have you thought about trying a different kind of exercise to martial arts? I know you said you find it hard to motivate yourself, and in the long run exercise helps you to be more motivated, less sluggish and more proactive, but I completely appreciate how hard it is to get into something regularly in the first place. Something as simple as going for a 15min jog could be a good idea.

    Sometimes loosing interest in the things you enjoy doing can be a sign that you're feeling down. It might be worth reading this article and seeing whether you are experiencing any of the other changed feelings?

    It is really important to make sure that even though you are having a rubbish time at work you are still doing things that make you happy in your spare time. If you don't feel ready to motivate yourself to do something big such as joining a martial arts class then perhaps think of some smaller things that you can do e.g. listen to music, chat to a friend on the phone, going out for a drink, and slowly build up.

    Hope that helps :thumb: LauraO
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