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Lack of anything to say

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Hi all

Always been afraid to completely blackout when I' m trying to talk to anyone (I don't know (well)).
I just have a lack of subjects, perhaps because I think the subjects I come up with are dull and uninteresting (though, conversationpartner have the right to think this way, it isnt helping me.

So to make it more concrete:
How would you feel when your converstationpartner (hence the name) have nothing more to say (even when your just started talking).

I think this conversationpartner will try to make fun of it (within the presence of his/her friends) but that is lame and the chances are slimmer when I' m talking to someone of my age (24), right?


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    Ask them what they like to do?
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    I find some of it comes naturally. I was out last night. Had met 4 of them before and had apparently (I don't remember him at all!) met one of the others before.

    Anyway, we ended up talking about all kinds of stuff. Of course, there was the usual "how are you?" "how's work / study going?", etc.

    Earlier this year, I was out and everyone apart from one person was a stranger to me. That wasn't too bad - with one person it was difficult. She has an accent which I found really hard to understand and nearly every time either of us spoke to each other, (she doesn't understand my accent either) it was always "pardon?"
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    What's your passion?

    What you find dull and uninteresting may be really fascinating for another person.

    I'd maybe have a few conversation starters up your sleeve and remember to ask questions about them too...

    I normally will maybe make a comment about the music, or the weather, or if the place is crap, a joke about it being crap... Then gauge their response and if positive, go from there. Listen to them talk...Notice an accent? Ask where they're from... If they're a student? Ask their uni/halls/subject... If you have something to say (normally positive), then go with that...

    If they are interested in you, they may ask you questions back... If they ask you what you do, or your hobbies, then you can go on to talk about these 'boring/uninteresting' things. :p I often find that some boring things can become fascinating if the person is passionate and animated about explaining it.
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