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New Boyfriend cant get An Erection

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Hi there, i wondered if anyone can help please.
My new boyfriend has told me that he hasnt had sexual intercourse with a girl since 3.5 years ago, and now, when we have tried, he cannot get an erection. He can get a semi but when we move on towards entering me he loses it completely. I know he went through a traumatic time with his ex, they were due to be married and she basically called it off on the day, lead him to believe they would eventually marry, then dumped him on New years eve, 6 months later. They hadnt had sex a year for a year and a half before this happened either because she got involved with a cult and it was prohibited! He told me that he tried to have sex last summer and had the same problem.
I really like this guy and have got patience and time for him and want to stick by him to help work it out. The only thing is that we live in a small spanish island, where any counsellors would be speaking in spanish and his spanish isnt that great and i'm not sure he be able to explain himself well or totally understand them. I dont even know if he would go, so please dont suggest counselling. We are at the very beginning of the relationship so realise that the issue could bring it down like a house of cards if he cannot deal with it (he had been blowing hot and cold before which i could never understand why cos he so obviously likes me) Guess i just need some advice if anyone knows how i can help him to help himself.
Oh by the way,. he tells me hes totally fine with doing it himself! Thanks


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I'd suggest talking to him about it, you probably have, but also find out what gets him going and stuff. Maybe do online counselling instead, considering you can't get to an English counsellor. Also try and get him to relax and not worry about things, easier said than done i suppose though.
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