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Need Some Friends

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Well,I need some new friends.
I have a few and one best friend but we only really hang out once a week as he lives about 40mins away from me and as I have to work all weekend now thanks to my wank job its kind of fucked things up.

But,at the same time I want more friends to hang out with rather than just one main one.
Its kind of stressing me out,just sitting in my flat after work on my own with no-one to hang out with or chat with and really getting me down.
I do Wing Chun twice a week and I get on well with the few people who go there but I wouldnt really hang out with them type thing outside of there.

As for work,well, Ive been there for nearly 5 years now and never really got involved in the social scene there.They`re decent people and everything but at the same time we only really have in common that we work there together,although I do get on quite well with a few people.

I am kinda laid back and wait to get invited or asked to swap numbers as I always feel like I dont want to impose on people, so maybe I should be a bit more forward?

Im also considering joining the gym and going swimming as well and doing some classes up there too.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    The number of threads on here and sitcom topics about lack of friends and needing them as an adult has led me to believe this is quite a common problem and knowing or thinking that makes making friends easier, I think. Lives change, old friends don't get along, they move, have families and so many people are left alone and friendless. Especially once you get older, people feel it gets harder to make them.

    I was in the same boat several years ago. A couple of my good friends actually came from a craigslist ad. The first time we met up there was about 10 of us... just random normal not crazy females who were in the same situation of needing some new female friends. Lots of people internet date, so why not internet friend search too!

    Another pal was a coworker. There was one other girl my age there but I was afraid of making the whole, hey, wanna be buddies move. I don't recall how it happened but eventually we started hanging out. Even if you don't think you'd make great friends with your co-workers, you could ask them out after work for a drink or something just to get out and hang out. Maybe outside of work you'll realize you could be friends or maybe you won't, but at least you'll be doing something.

    Another big place for friends, if your friends friends. I met so many people from above former co-worker and we are all now good friends. Then that can lead to your friends friends friends and so on :p If you are out with one of your current friends and they bring somebody else along, make an effort to get to know them too, maybe you'll hit it off.

    Whether it be at work or activities that you do, I think the most important thing is to realize that so many other people out there want friends too and are problably in the same boat as you. I don't know if that will help any anxiety or awkwardness that comes along with asking somebody out for the first time, but it might help.
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