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Low sex drive

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My boyfriend is crazy horny but that's just our age i suppose.
But the thing is, i hardly am. I get all grouchy and tell him to leave me alone when he starts.
Hes very patient with me and i really love him for that but i feel so bad.
I think he has extra firing power as he has 3 testicles instead of two which im still really confused about and I've already posted on that.
But i hate giving him a blow job. I find it boring and it takes a long time.
My jaw starts to lock and then he loves it when i lick his balls and in all honesty, as horrible as it may sound i really cant be bothered. And i feel so bad. I dont let him touch me because i know ill have to give too. Sex is ok but hes a big boy.
Im small, i weigh 7 stone and im about 5 foot 2 inches. He weighs twice that and is 6 foot, not to mention his dick is 8 and a half inches. I have a tough time when it comes to sex and i dont know what to do. It hurts me which ever way i go about it. :(


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    Girl, don't suffer yourself.
    I was in a simmilar situation: I hated sex with my man, because it was tooooo long. : / And I got tired soon as possible.
    So I recomend you to take a government to your hands (as I did) and tell everything to your boyfriend. If he loves you, he will understand. And if not.. then he doesn't know what he's doing!
    Besides, woman are the best God's work, so he must to respect you and your wishes.

    Good luck!
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    rosierawrz wrote: »
    heyy, I agree with madame too, I had to deal with a guy with a gianormous cock ! haha ! and yeahh it did hurt quite a lot at first...but then the second guy I screwed was great so I suppose every penis is different ! The thing is...have you always had a low sex drive in general ? Or is your boyfriend not satisfying you enough or you just don't feel a sexual bond ? If its just a low sex drive in general maybe you should start off small...explain to ur bf obviously. Start off with teasing and foreplay and start small and work your way up. I hope things work for you :thumb::thumb:

    Thats a good question to answer...As a guy, my current experience with a womans sexual drive is my wife, but I notice with her her emotions are very important, and as her husband there are things I can do to help her stay happy and healthy. I have been exercising with her recently and her sex drive has increased. Also, I have been letting her be on top and in control of our sexual encounters which she also likes. But for us, open and honest communication, and me really paying attention to her emotional state has helped increase her sex drive. I think sex is very important in a relationship, and if you guys are not sexually satisfied that could (but not necessarily) be something lurking in the background.
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