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Cheap and Short Break in Europe

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A mate of mine and I are hoping to get away for a long weekend, but we both don't have a lot of cash...

We initially thought of going to Barcelona, as she speaks some Spanish and I am interested in the country, but we're not sure how cheap we can get out there and stay... My budget is around £300 by the way, not sure of hers (possibly £200-300)...

We're both easy going and would happily take self-catering... We're flexible with the country we go to, so long as there isn't a problem with racism and so long as it's fairly safe for women.

Is it possible to take a budget break in Spain? What are costs like late June? Is it better to book a package deal, or the hotel and flights direct?

Thanks a bunch!


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    If you just want to go away and you don't mind wehre and your main plan is to do it as cheeply as possible - i'd just go on the ryan air website and see where they have cheap deals going to - i've had some brilliant random ryan air holidays to france, italy and austria - plus they tend to fly to random destinations where hotel accomodation is usually quite cheap as well.

    If you want to go to spain then they say they fly to Barcelona but in fact they fly to Girona which is about an hours drive away from Barcelona - but what you can do instead is stay in the general girona area and go down to the beach near there which is really really beautiful and not spoilt by mass tourisum in the way other parts of spain have been. We went about 8 years ago and when we showed my dad the pictures he said that they were the same as when he had been 40 or more years earlier. We stayed in a Hostale which was nice and cheaper than a hotel and more like a pension so a small hotel bed and breakfast kind of a place - i cant' remember how much it was but it was super cheap maybe £30 - 40 for a room per night.

    Apart from italy where nearly all hotels are overpriced you can get good cheap hotel rooms pretty much everywhere you go in europe - but be aware that those of the Formule une Etap ilk are often on the edge of town and only accessible via car.
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    Thanks, will check it...

    I have a feeling my mate is gonna bail on me anyway, so I may be off on my own.

    I'll probably get a hostel somewhere in Spain... I am wary of transport from air ports... If not, I might try Poland.
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