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Looking Out For A Friend

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I would like some help. A friend of mine is having trouble with a guy that I hang about with. She likes him, I mean really likes him and I think they may have gone out a couple of years ago but her love for him is still there. Whether he knows that or not, I don't know.
I need help as to what to say to her, as she told me she's moving and so is he, but to other parts of the country. She is moving further north and he is moving south to the farthest part of the country. What do I say to her? She asked me for help, and this is an area I'm stuck on as I've never come across this situation before, plus I haven't really gone out with anyone myself. Help please?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I'm guessing that you don't just want to say, "i'll be here for you if and when you need me" kind of thing, otherwise you wouldn't have come here to get some help.
    My advice is to say something like, speak to someone whether it is the guy she likes or someone else she trusts about how she feels about her moving as well as him; or find some way of them managing to keep in touch, (email, text/phone, or even write letters), or even getting them to meet up every so often, maybe once every couple of months.
    I hope this helped.
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    Hi there in la la land,

    Welcome to the boards :wave:

    Perhaps the question is more about what YOU actually want to say to her? how do you feel about her moving away from him? or away from you?

    Being a good mate doesn't mean you have to have all the answers. Supporting her throughout her ordeal is all she needs - at the end of the day what she does will be her decision.

    Good luck, you already seem like a good friend worrying about her *hug*
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