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How to determine if he's married?

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I met an awesome guy online when a friend of mine asked me to try online dating. He sent me a message and he made an introduction. I like him because we have the same interests. Then we decided to see each other after exchanging mails. Our first meeting was great and we did not have sex because I don't like the idea of first date sex. I thought he will never communicate again after our first date. He keeps on communicating and we see each other again and we had sex for the first time. He refused to talk about his family. His facial reaction looks different if I ask about his life. I am not sure if he's not looking for anything serious or he is hiding something from me. I am afraid that I might be dating a married man. He's not wearing any wedding ring but my instinct is telling me that he's married! :grump:

amazing ideas of dating advice


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    If he's married he may well have a groove on his wedding ring finger, even if he takes his ring off. I have a groove on my wedding ring finger. Although of course he might not be married, he might be in a long term relationship without being married.

    Best thing to do is ask him directly. If he's vague then you'll know your instincts are right.
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    oxcalidreamnoxcalidreamn Posts: 4 Newbie
    Best thing to do is ask him directly.

    Hey allainemegan,

    It seems that your new guy is pretty quiet when it comes to talking about his life. However, some people are more closed off than others and may take some time to open up. Before jumping to conclusions, have a thought about communicating with him specifically about his relationship status. You might not be happy with the answer that you receive but at least you then know where you both stand.

    A successful conversation takes much more than just words. Consider these pointers found on communicating as a couple. I hope this helps, and please do let us know if your instinct was spot on or off the mark.

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