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Can't log in from mobile

Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up?Posts: 16,688
I tried to log in from my mobile (an android phone) but when in the mobile style, clicking on "Log in" either does nothing or reloads the main page.
I cleared all cache and cookies and it didn't do anything. But for some reason, when I went to the forum after that it defaulted to the "normal" and not the mobile style, so I guess it can't detect my phone for a reason. Even though it did at first.


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    The sames happening to me!
  • patrick*gringo*patrick*gringo* Noob Posts: 147 Settling in
    Hi there both - unfortunately this is one of the [many] bugs with the current mobile style from vBulletin. This is a known bug- and is apparently on their hit list of work to do. We're hoping they fix it soon. The issue is that unless mobile devices are auto detected by vbulletin and sent to mobile style by default- logging in doesn't work. This means for those with mobile devices which can't process the mobile style access to the boards is either complicated or impossible.

    This is unsatisfactory which is why we're looking at alternatives - as this is really frustrating. Please bear with us - mobile access options on vbulletin is slowly improving so we hope we can improve this situation soon.

    For the time being there is a work around. To be logged in in the mobile style you'll need to log in on the 'full site' - and then return to the 'mobile' style.

    This is far from perfect. But as I say - please bear with us.

    Here's the view in the mobile style - to get back to the 'full site':
    Attachment not found.

    After you've logged in on the 'full site' - here's the drop down where you can select the mobile style:
    Attachment not found.

    In the near future we're going to be putting together FAQ information on accessing the boards on mobile.

    Please let us know any comments, suggestions or problems you have. Thanks!
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