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What do I do now?

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Well I have posted on this topic before but once again need advice as just can't make sense of situation!

I was with this great guy last year bur split up due to interfering friends and difficulties of long distance. A few months ago we got chatting again and he admitted he still had feelings and wanted to give it another shot ... I was really unsure at the time as been stressful time personally and couldn't give him an answer but was honest about it.

Once again we drifted apart, which I know was due to this, but somehow got chatting again over last few weeks just as mates however all the feelings I originally felt have re-surfaced and its made me wonder why we split up as he's such an amazing guy and the possiblilty of getting back together?!

However last night we'd both been out drinking and had a drunken phone call when he went abruptly after quizzing he admitted one of his ex's txt him telling him how she felt when I asked his feelings he said he loved her to which I said well just see how it goes and left it at that as I was truly gutted!

Today now sobered up he says it was drunken babble and isn't going there with her and when chatting in general is saying to me things like shame we aren't together as we both have weekend off! But am weary of mentioning anything about feelings and relationship as he's already had an ex say these things!

So now I'm confused and just don't know what to think, feel or do???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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