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To take the risk?

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Ok...so i was wondering if I could grab some advice about the age old dilemma of risking friendship for something more.

I met this girl last summer and since then we have have spoken pretty much everyday (no exaggeration). Now the problem is, is that i am absolutely crazy about her, to the point where i cant operate. I don't even remember what i used to spend my time thinking about before i met her. I should probably point at that this is unusual for me. I'm 22 years old and never had a serious relationship...thats for a number of reasons, but i definitely have never been in love before, until now.

The thing is know, i cant decide whether i should express just how im feeling to her. If it were to go wrong and she doesnt feel the same, i honestly, at this point, dont know how i'd cope without her in my life. But on the otherside i want to tell her soo much, like i think she deserves to know just how amazing she is....(i'll spare you all the lovey dovey stuff)

So next week shes coming down to stay ( we live like an hr apart) and part of me is thinking it might be the ideal time to say something? But how do i go about this....is the best way to play it semi-cool? or just go ahead a spill it all...and dare i say it mention the 'L' word?...i really dont wana freak her out, yet i have so much stuff i wana say. And also...shes gona be in town for a few days....should i leave it till the last day...my thoughts being that if i told her early on and it goes bad...it would then be super awkward for the next days??

So yeh...any help would be great...needless to say im a mess at the moment...i think it explains my lack of serious relationships...massively over anaylse anything and everything...:banghead:


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    as it stands for me is I've missed allot of chances with girls because I haven't taken a risk, so I would definitely say go for it. Whether when she's at yours next week is the right time or not is hard to tell because I won't know what the situation will be like so you'll have to judge to what feels like the right moment
    personally I wouldn't mention the "L" word yet, its quite strong and full on and it is possible that it might freak her out a bit if its the first she's hearing of this from you

    It it does go badly, and she doesn;t feel the same way then you can remain friends but it is likely that you won't be as close, but its a risk you have to decide if you want to take. Either sit there with these things wanting to burst out your chest or tell her and have the chance of something amazing

    Hope this helped
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    I'd go for it but not in a hardcore i love you kind of a way. Maybe just go out and have a few drinks and flirt with her and see if she flirts back as a starter and then take it from there.

    If you snog on the first night then take things really slowly and leave it until the end of the visit to say anything further. By which time you should have got a pretty good idea of if she likes you back.....
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