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Feeling very low

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I'm in a marriage with a guy who is very nice at times, but when he feels I've let him down or things have not been done right he gets very uptight. He doesn't go off on one, but he withdraws and is cold. Generally this has blown up into a discussion within a week or so, where I get to understand what the problem is and try to rectify it. most of the time its about my offspring, who is a bit thoughtless and untidy. Some months ago we had a discussion where my husband basically said its offspring or me, but then agreed that offspring could have another chance. typically offspring broke the rules again and for about 5 weeks I've had mostly silent treatment with some brief interludes of caring, it appears to be v bad again now, but I'm not sure if its the same thing or somwthing new.

As a result I've started to want to self harm, and feel really low, I don't have a lot of friends because I've had to move around a lot, most are e-mail contact now, so I'm not able to talk to anyone.

I'm really scared to open the discussion in case its over, but recognise that putting off won't help, i was going to do it today but my "stars" advised against it, I'm not a horoscope person but grasped a straw. Should I see a GP about being depressed?


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    Yes, I think seeing your GP would be a really good idea. Maybe you could look into an organisation like Relate as well, to see if they can offer counselling for you both.

    Good luck.
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    thanks for that
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    Hi Littlephil,

    It sounds like your relationship with your husband is very complicated at the moment, and I'm really sorry to hear that you're getting so down about it all.

    It seems like there are several different issues that you're identifying here. Firstly there is your depression that you identify and the thoughts you've been having about self harming. Am I right in gathering from the fact that you've suggested yourself that perhaps you should see a GP that this is something you feel you should or perhaps want to do?

    As piccolo has pointed out as well, you could always see a counsellor as well. Perhaps this is something you might like to discuss with a GP? To talk about what the various options are? And, Relate are, as he suggests, are a charity you might want to check out that provide counselling to couples.

    Let us all know how you're getting on,
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