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The jobs market

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I just wanted to get some feedback from people as to how they think the jobs market is at the moment.

As far as I can tell it's a pretty difficult jobs market, but just want to see what others think.

I don't think there are too many jobs around at the moment as far as I can tell.


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    It really depends on what you're looking for and your skills set...

    Jobs are there, but competition is higher than usual because of the amount of people unemployed. Don't let that put you off because there is stuff going on, it's just a case of talking the talk to make them think you can walk the walk...

    I work with unemployed people and I've seen some sectors die a death near enough... Anything to do with social care, disability services, homeless services, drugs treatment ect seems to have disappeared completely (which I am gutted about as it was where I was intending on steering my career :()... Anything to do with construction, you'll need a CSCS health and safety card by law, there are also qualifications you need to be an electrician, or anything similar and they have to be the latest edition...

    Retail is competitive because many people who have years experience are going for jobs and the market is saturated with people applying for anything... You can look at that in two ways... One, that there's so many CVs, why should yours stand out? or two, that most people will probably be going around handing in generic CVs and this gives you the opportunity to stand out...

    Care work is still going, though often you'll need an NVQ level 2 or 3... However, a mate of mine got work through an agency doing caring, as did my brother. Child care is similar.

    Part of the reason I'm going to teach English abroad, is that none of my options seem to exist very much, in the fields I care about (I wanted to work with homeless people, or ex-offenders)... I love kids though and hope I can make a difference and inspire some of them through teaching and if I like it, I'll probably do a PGCE back in the UK.

    What are you looking for?
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    Well I have been studying towards a course in Advice and Guidance which I would quite like to do as I've been gaining experience through voluntary work. Have been doing that for around a year.

    Work-wise I've done a few different things over the last few years including voluntary work, temping and some internships in France (I did French at university.)

    But really I haven't been sure about what I'd like to do, but I do like advice and guidance.

    I had mental health problems at university so a part of me is glad I haven't gone straight into work as it's allowed me a bit of time to get my head round that. But also since graduating the economic situation hasn't been brilliant.

    I feel in an ok position to start work now I think and have built up some experience since university at the same time as doing mental health related courses.
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    Have you thought about looking at the people who work with Jobcentre Plus? I mean companies like Ingeus and A4E, or somebody like Remploy?

    How about charity sector, somebody like Shelter? CharityJob sometimes have openings...

    Or you could look at something such as support work, alongside your volunteering, if you're interested in say, disability or working with older people. That way you have both the advice and guidance, as well as knowledge about different conditions. Sometimes people advertise personally, through Jobcentre for this as well as agencies.

    You could also consider debt relief counselling?

    They're just what comes to mind though... I'm not a qualified careers guide or anything.

    I hear ya about graduating, it's frustrating eh! But the fact you are volunteering and continuously improving your resume shows you as a strong candidate.
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    I'm having difficulties. Working really hard on applications and not being shortlisted. I've got good experience but its mostly from uni which (1) not all employers take seriously, and (2) was two years ago...
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    Thanks for the replies and ideas.

    Working in The Third Sector would be good I think.

    I think once I have finished my Advice and Guidanc course I'll try and do some more voluntary work in a slightly different area and see if that might help.

    It's hard to work out what to do and to get a job !
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    I am really struggling at the moment with getting a job. OK, I am doing volunteering / experience to help me. There seems to be very few jobs that are more than 16 hours. Many are only 12-15 - but they expect you to be flexible. Well, if I get a job for 12 hours a week, I need another one that's at least 4 hours a week - yet, I can't get one because they want me to be around to possibly cover 24/7.
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    There are more part time jobs than there were the last time I was jobhunting. It sucks as a part time job (especially when you must be flexible) is no good for my situation. I guess with there being more people than vacancies the employers can be more demanding.
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    Part-time is ok for me money-wise; but I have issues of them expecting someone to be flexible like that. It means it's impossible to get another job on top.
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