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Legal Highs



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    No. I don't think you can make a compelling argument as to why there would be some societal benefit or value to removing barriers and laws to obtaining more substances that result in impairment.

    Well I have put forward some arguments that you've chosen to ignore and you are now just repeating yourself.

    Here are just two compelling arguments for decriminalising drugs

    1. Reduce the criminal market and drug related crime
    The market for drugs is demand-led and millions of people demand illegal drugs. Making the production, supply and use of some drugs illegal creates a vacuum into which organised crime moves. The profits are worth billions of pounds. Legalisation forces organised crime from the drugs trade, starves them of income and enables us to regulate and control the market through prescription, licensing and laws.

    Legalisation would enable us to regulate the market, determine a much lower price and remove users need to raise funds through crime. Our legal system would be freed up and our prison population dramatically reduced, saving billions. Because of the low price, cigarette smokers do not have to steal to support their habits. There is also no violence associated with the legal tobacco market.

    2. Be Honest About Drugs and make drug users safer
    A wealth of disinformation about drugs and drug use is given to us by ignorant and prejudiced policy-makers and media who peddle myths upon lies for their own ends. This creates many of the risks and dangers associated with drug use.
    e.g the death of Leah Betts was due to misinformation and scare stories about keeping yourslef hydrated whilst taking ecstasy - she died from drinking too much water.

    Prohibition has led to the stigmatisation and marginalisation of drug users. Countries that operate ultra-prohibitionist policies have very high rates of HIV infection amongst injecting users. Hepatitis C rates amongst users in the UK are increasing substantially.
    The blackmarket also creates unregulated drugs meaning drugs can be of unknown purity and can contain potentially dangerous adulterants.
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    China white warning....

    A warning to anyone thinking of trying China White the 'legal high' it contains AMPHETAMINE!!

    I am getting weekly drug tested at probation and so I stopped doing coke (my drug of choice) after getting bad cravings a friend suggested China White, a coke substitute legal high.

    I bought it from a local shop, all sealed in the manufacturers packet. I sniffed it like coke and it made my nose burn like hell. I like a bit of a burn when I do coke, that's part of the kick for me like the burnin warmth of a shot but this is a nasty burn. The high was sort of uphoric like coke but certainly not as good. This stuff kept me up for over 40 hours as well. I couldn't sleep a wink or the next day. All would explain why at my next drugs test at probation - I tested POSITIVE for AMPHETAMINE !! So be warned!!
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    I've taken Druids Fantasy, Blurberry's and White Pearls. DF is supposed to be a "trip" yet it just made me feel stoned for about 12 hours, Blurberry's ("legal speed") made me as sick as hell and didn't work for some reason other than made me really horny, but White Pearls got me off my face and saved me £ on a night out.

    I think legal highs are hit and miss, anyway, but still I plan to experiment some more with them, when I have the time and money.
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    My opinion is if you don't know the actual analogue, the structure of what you're taking you shouldn't be taking it. Weather you understand the chemistry behind it or not. Nothing branded is worth taking, it's just an example that the people who came out with it dont have a clue what it is so just plonk some silly name on it.

    Benzo-fury (6-APB) isn't even a benzo, which for some is probably highly confusing.

    All that being said, I have in my younger stupider time taken branded chems. I won't do it again.
    I'd take things like ethylphenidate and mephedrone and alllll the other shit. But things like 'magic dust' & 'jolly green granules' just spell disaster.

    I've known at least three people die from taking 5-IT.
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