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Consequence as a Learning Experience

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Just something kicking around in my head and I'm not sure exactly how to word it. Do you think that people, particularly with each new generation, are being more and more protected from the consequences of their actions?

Intervening factors would be those such as the 'compensation culture', which perhaps encourages responsibility on one hand but removes it with the other. Companies learn not to supply unsafe ladders, people learn that it's someone else's fault if you fall off that ladder even though you knew it to be unsafe before you climbed it and fell off it.

Then there is the law. Someone does something wrong, they get a clip round the ear, the ear clipper gets carted off to court and the offender gets a cuddle. The offender then mugs an old lady, his 400th offence, gets taken to court and gets a 12 month suspended sentence and a trip to Euro Disney.

If you call someone a horrible name and they turn around and punch you, what's the chances that they will be arrested and you will be phoning the compensation freephone number? What about the person who was minding their own business when you decided to kick them in the guts? What about the emotional impact of being called a name that might trigger deep emotional issues for that person? Did you really NEED to call them a name? Could you have avoided it? Well clearly yes, so whose fault actually is it? Yours? Then why are you the 'victim' and waiting for your cheque in the post?

Okay, I'm perhaps being cynical here and these are contrived examples based on some worst cases, but in general is there any such thing as consequence anymore? That thing that used to tell you 'if I do something daft it might not work out for the best'?

Just something to discuss, all views gratefully received. Try not to get too hung up on the examples I've used, as I'd rather keep focus on the wider issues of action and consequence.


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    Well I imagine that if you call someone a name and they punch you, serves you right for calling them a name.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well if someone does something wrong and they get a clip around the ear, that isnt the law dealing with them is it?

    Also as much as it is your own stupid fault for calling someone names, doesnt mean that its right for them to react by punching you.
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