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24 and feeling sexually frustrated and frustarted in general about not having a gf

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I am 24 and feel frustrated sexually and because ive never had a girlfriend. Ive been frustrated recently because ive been masturbating alot when im not in school or before i got to sleep and i usually masturbate five times per day. Ive always been kind of shy with women although lateley ive been trying to be near them and make an effort. In high school i never had a relationship or sex it wasin until i was 22 that i finally got laid. but i havent gotten laid since then. i tend to like older women because im mature for my age and my intrests are more in line with older people. i go to clubs with my friends but always shy away and get nervous about me looking like a creep or a lech even though im the furthest thing from that because ive had little experince. i just feel so jealous that probablly other guys my age are getting their cocks sucked everyday by beautifual hot women and i get no women and im a nice guy(im not being cocky) but am i good looking ill send you my pic on fb. i feel so loneley sometimes and feel like ill never marry or even get a girlfriend because women dont see me that way. i like girls in my classes but im afraid to talk to them because i dont want to give them the impression im creepy or something, and i will feel awkward if i tried to ask them out because if they have a bf ill feel embarrased and like an idiot.


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    **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey there,
    Firstly just to let you know that I've deleted the link to your facebook profile. While this is a good place to get some advice around the issues you're experiencing, it's not a good idea to link it to your facebooks as -

    a) this is a public forum and other people you know away from this website might find your thread.

    b) it gives the impression that you're trying to actually 'pick someone up' from this forum - there are plenty of dating websites out there that might be worth exploring where posting photos is encouraged.

    It sounds like you're getting on well with girls in your class, but you say you're worried about coming across as creepy. Do you have male friends who you hang out with too that you could organise a social event with, inviting men and women? Getting to know people outside of the academic environment can really help in terms of finding chemistry with people.

    It's positive that you're able to identify the kind of women you enjoy spending time with - older women appeal to you because you feel you share more interests with them. What kind of interests do you have? Maybe if you tell us a bit more about what you like to do generally we could make more suggestions...

    Finally, it sounds like loneliness is the biggest deal here and maybe this is getting confused with need for sex, wanting a relationship and feeling like you'll never find a girlfriend. These are all actually quite different desires and it sounds like although you say you're a 'nice guy' - you maybe need to work a bit more on building a stronger opinion of yourself. For most people, being 'nice' is the least they'd want in a boyfriend and so it's good to try and identify other things about you that make you worth knowing as a person. When you're really aware of these traits, they become more obvious to others and allow you to feel more confident.

    Hopefully some food for thought.

    Take care :)
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    hey helen my intent was not at all to pick anyone up on here since im in america lol. and secondly i put my pic up to see if people think im attractive or not.

    your advice is good give me a little more specefics.
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    I can't see your pic, but anyways, you need to up your confidence. Really, us girls are suckers for attention, just go for a girl you're interested in when she doesn't seem busy or pre-occupied and speak to her. It helps if you already know her somehow, but otherwise, you can make up some BS excuse to talk to her. It only comes across as creepy if it's tactless, "out of the blue".

    It's not easy, but this is what I do anyway, may not be the same as I'm a chick, but hey. lol. There's no magic solution unfortunately, but don't get obsessed with the issue, seriously. These things have a funny way of happening when you least expect it to. o.O
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