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How to cope with jealousy

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I am editing this because I have a problem related to this and maybe I could get some advice easier.

Basically, a girl who I and my bf works with - is very very flirty. When I say flirty I mean that she laughs at anything that a guy says, makes comments about her sex life, jokes about the married managers with remarks such as: "Oh he's been with Claire all day, I'm going to have to up my game." And the other day, my bf said she randomly came out with: No one has commented that my top is see through. She also parades around the office in short skirts, something which has apparently only started since I started work there.

I am annoyed to the max at the way she behaves. My bf says it's all harmless and that she is messing around cos she has a boyfriend this that the other, and she isn't really a stunner or anything. She is just alright by guy standards I guess - slim, blonde hair and quite large boobs. My bf says that whenever anyone says anything complimentary about me, she goes all quiet. I hate the fact that she flirts with men including my boyfriend, she doesn't do it around me purposely but I can hear her and see her from the other side of the office and it makes me insane with jealousy because why is she doing this when she knows we are a couple? I mean what is she trying to achieve - getting men to fancy her or what?? Please help me see sense of this crap because I am fucking at the end of my tether.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I meant to add that she works mostly with men also therefore flirts a lot.
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