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does anyone else get this?

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When I get really turned on, I often get really painful spasms. This is before I've even been touched, let alone anything else. But once I've warmed up enough they go...this happens particularly if I haven't had any for a while...odd?

Also I'm finding it really hard to have really satifying orgasms, my boyfriend on the otherhand, seems to be having an awesome time, but it doesn't seem to matter what position, how much foreplay, I get a little squeeze, not an earth shattering bomb...

I'm not so worried about the orgasms, I think this is something that will just happen as I can get more relaxed, but the spasms are really getting to me. I've seen a dr, and had scans, but they can't find anything wrong, and I'm really seriously not keen on a internal exam, because it almost always hurts, drs just seem to be so unsensitive with speculums!

any ideas?


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    where does the pain come from? vagina, uterus? cervix? i think with pain during sex then best thing to do is just suck it up and get an internal, if only to rule certain things out for definate. Tell the doc that you find these very uncomfortable to the point of painful and hopefully they will be gentle. Make sure u are focusing on ur breathing while they are down there to help relax you...its only a few minutes and you should be able to rule alot of stuff out then.
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    Its not during sex, its beforehand. It feels fine during sex (well, sometimes a little numb, but I think thats down to not enough lube, warm up, condoms etc).

    I think I'm going to have to, but I'm pretty sure they'll turn around and say, oh its Vaginismus and all in you're head, deal with it woman, and send me on my merry way...
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