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Hmm, not sure where to put this really.
But its something thats really really bugging me and i can't get it off my mind.

Well, the thing is... i think ive mentioned before that i talk to one of the teachers at my school. This could use some background info
When i was at my lowest i struggled to make it through the weekends.
One weekend i had really badly s/hed and at that point i realised i needed help. I knew it wasnt exactly a gd thing to do, but i found her facebook and sent her a message, because i was desperate for help.
She then gave me her number, in the hope that i would text her whenever i was feeling down, rather than cut...
The CPO officer also knows about this and never said anything (she is also an assistant headteacher)

But now my mum has found out.... after going through my phone.
She went mental, as i knew she alrready hated this teacher for the pure fact that i talk to her in school. Now my mum wants a meeting with the teacher and my headteacher, and she said she wont give up until she has gotten her sacked, because teachers shouldn't do this etc.

My mum doesn't seem to realise, that without the support ive recieved from this teacher, i probably wouldn't be here.
I would not be able to live with myself if i lost my teacher her job..

Anybody know what her position is here??
If only to reassure me :D x



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    You can't add teachers on Facebook or you can't add them to your phone contacts. Because in my old school in PSRE, someone asked Miss if she had Facebook, she said yes, but specifically told everyone you are not aloud to add her as it is against school guidlines. If you are having problems or need someone to talk to it should be ChildLine on 08001111 they are likely to be off more support. I think your mum is right, your teacher shouldn't be doing this, this can give her the sack! If you ever feel like cutting call ChildLine or Samaritans or any helpline. Maybe get in contact with GetConnected Which is a sign post service and can re direct you to other people you can talk to. I wouldn't recoomend talking to a teacher out of school, but it is OK, to talk IN school. Hope that made a little sense,

    Take care xx
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    To be honest if you say that her reaching out has really helped you, then I doubt anything your mum says will be able to touch her. People will also consider the consequences of what would have happened if she hadn't intervened. Can you write your mum a letter, telling her the ways which this teacher has helped you? She can't immediately shout over or contradict a letter.

    Though it's a tricky area, teachers are there to help and protect children - sounds like she is doing an exemplary job of it to be honest. Yes it might put her in a bad situation with your mum, but the fact that your mother has reacted like this just shows that you needed someone else to talk to in the first place.

    Can you warn your teacher and the head that your mum is angry about this? Forewarned is forearmed in this kind of situation. They might also give you ways of protecting yourself and your own interests against your mother.

    On a side note, is there anyone else you could stay with, like a family member or friend till you can sort this out? Sounds like your mum is the cause of a lot of your problems.
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    Hey. i have told them - as i said im the only one worried about it.

    I guess, with my opinions...my mum cant win, right?
    thats kinda calmed me down. thanks. :)

    My nan has told me i can stay with her anytime. Shes kinda best friend to me, but they live in a tiny house and havent really the room for me. And their pension is only to cover their living, not mine aswell. :/
    I dont want to impose on them.

    If things get really bad, i may resort to asking my aunt, whos been really kind and supportive in the past.
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