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Been asked to leave college course

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I have been studying at my local college for the past 2 years. First I did my GCSE's then last year I did a course that is meant to help you get a job at the end of it.

I had been doing really successfully in the courses in the past and so this year I started to do a Business Course that in the end you get A levels out of it. Level BTEC National Diploma in Business My attendance has been 98% and I have handed in all of my Assignments on the deadline or before the deadline.

When I got my results back it turns out that I had failed a total of 5 Assignments. This is quite bad.

Before the day we broke up for half term I was told by my course tutor that he is going to kick me off the course.

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what they did?

Do you think it is fair that they have kicked me off the course even know my attendance is 100%?

How am I going to break this to my parents?


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    Are they summative or formative assignments?

    If the asssignments count towards your course mark, failing five of them means you won't be able to get a good mark, if any at all. Turning up counts for precious little if you don't have the ability or dedication to actually pass the course.
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    Have you had any kind of discussion about your performance before?

    It seems unusual, but not impossible, that you could get this far through, get one set of marks back and be asked to leave without being given the chance to try and improve your performance or look for alternatives.

    Have your previous marks on this course been ok?
  • LauraOLauraO ********* Posts: 535 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
    Hi mattyb and welcome to the boards :thumb:

    This sounds quite frustrating for you as you have put in a lot of effort to ensure you attendance is high and your assignments are always submitted on time.

    As Arctic Roll mentions the marks you get for your assignments are important and are probably what your tutor is concentrating on but it also sounds as though you are unsure why your tutor has asked you to leave the course?

    It does seem unfair for a tutor to kick you off the course without a clear explanation. Do you feel able to talk with your tutor about how this decision has been made? And whether there is anything you can do to stay on the course - such as re-do the assignments?

    I know you posted this a few days ago now. Have you had the chance to speak to your parents yet? Would you consider involving them in a chat with your tutor?

    Let us know how you are getting along :)
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    Just because your attendance is good does not mean the course is right for you. If you are making an effort on the assessments and still finding yourself falling short you either need to either invest in a tutor, work harder at assessments or reconsider your choice in courses.

    Just because I show up to every single Advanced Engineering Mathematics lectures held at my university every week, does not mean that I could even begin to grasp what they are talking about. Attendance does not make competence.
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    Well as a National Diploma BTEC is the equivilant of three A-levels (I know this is debateble, but whatever) I assume the assignments aren't a case of do-them-and-hand-them-in like GCSE's and Level 1/2 courses are. Have you been working hard to get at least a Pass grade in them? Or have you been slopping assignments together and handing them in? Unlike secondary schools and workplaces, colleges do not generally care about your attendance, to be honest. They care that you're able to succeed at your coursework, there's a woman on my course that barely turns up, but she gets Distinctions in her assignments and hands them in before the deadlines, and the college is happy enough with that.

    I think you should ask to redraft the assignments, though. If your general work ethic is good, then they should have a bit of a 'heart' and let you have another shot. If you're still being asked to leave, take it up with the college principal and see what s/he says.
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    Could you try and find out why you failed the assingments? There would be no point in continuing your studies unless you find out what went wrong and how it can be put right. Maybe this isn't the right subject for you.
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