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Been ill for a month...

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And I'm still not better.

I felt ill on boxing day - bloating, constant nausea, and upper abdominal pain. I thought I'd just over done it, and took some over the counter meds and went on as normal. But by the 4th of jan, I looked like i was 6 months pregnant, finding it hard to walk and being woken up because of the pain, almost no appetite (which almost never happens to me), near constant nausea, and really bad constipation (which lasted over a week in the end).

The next day i ended up in my local hospital, and spent a week there, in which time i was totally dismissed by the doctors, but the nurses seemed really concerned (pretty low BP, and then it would occationally spike, having to get more and more pain relief and anti-sickness meds etc), and was told it was just IBS and that i needed to take anti-depressants. I have IBS, and have had for many many years, but I'm very familiar with my symptoms and triggers, and these symptoms are very different from the IBS i suffer from - I had to take morphine many times whilst in hospital. I had an endoscopy, and they did find a reddened and inflamed patch which they said was reasonably large, and they took a biopsy to see what it was.

I was sent home the next day, with a huge bag of medication, and told to see my GP. Two weeks on, I'm still getting these symptoms, not being able to eat much solid food because it hurts too much after eating, and no results back, the photos from the scope were lost, so my GP can't look at them to make a diagnosis. My GP feels that this is not IBS, and is reffering me back for a second opinion, because he feels i haven't been taken seriously, but in the meantime, I'm not eating, taking large doses of codeine (240g a day) as well as anti-spasmodics, laxatives, proton inhibitors, peppermint oil, probiotics, vitamins in liquid form, anti-sickness tablets and probably something else i've forgotten, and i'm really not feeling any better.

I've already tried getting in contact with the consultant who did the endo, as has my GP, but it could take up to 3 + months to get a re-referral. I'm really worried about being like this for 3 months, and I'm not sure what it could be, or what i can do to try and make myself better. I'm doing my best to keep my spirits up, and going out for short walks, and having visits from friends, but this is a pretty crappy state to be in for a long period of time.

Sorry for the length of the post, and if I've gone on a bit of a rant, I'm just getting a little lost as what to do next!

any advice/ideas/suggestions would be really appreciated, Thanks.


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    Hey Miss_Riot :wave:

    So sorry to hear of what a rough time you're going through with your health. It certainly does seem extreme, the only advise I can offer is to push through your gp or keep presenting at A & E. I'm guessing somewhere in the list they've given you some anti inflammatories?

    dp :heart:
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    nope, because NSAIDs can irritate the stomach, so I've just been given codeine...
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    are you taking the lax to counter the codeine, and then the ani-sporadics to counter the lax? Just thinking, maybe your digestive system woul be more forgiving if you pulled back on the drugs?
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    no this is everything i was prescribed by the hospital.

    lax are to counter the codeine but not needing them too much, the anti-spadmodics are just because they think its IBS rather than actually investigating it.

    But... I got hold of the consultant today, and was told that i shouldn't have been discharged from hospital without a referral to see her as an out-patient, and thus my dr now needs to send an urgent referral back to her, so i might get seen within 2 weeks. Did find out though, that they also lost my chest x-rays, as well as my ultrasound results, and my endo pictures. I'm hoping they haven't lost my biopsy results too!
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    the dr has decided to give me 2 broad-spectrum anti-biotics, different stomach protectors, more codeine, and gaviscon.

    They still don't know what it is, but they are treating it as a moderate infection, and if this doesn't work i'll get referred back to the hospital...

    swings and roundabouts!
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