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mephodrone and mental health, why it should be illegal

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i remeber the first time i was introduced to this drug, my friend came round to my house one late afternoon before we were ment to hit the town and he pulled out a bag with 1/4 oz the stuff. i was clueless to what it was untill then. he explained to me that its like a mixture between speed, e's n coke so i thought ok i;d give it a go, had a line and it did nothin so i had another line and it did nothing so i waited about 1/2 hour and had anothr and it still did nothin to me. i was at that point convined my mate got ripped off. couple of hours later we were in town havin a few drinks met up with some more friends and that point i was a bit tipsy because of the alcohal and my friend was sayin that he' wasted high as a kite coz he was still snortin meph and he persuaded me to give it anther go. so i went into the toilets and pepaired a line snorted it and went back into the club, next thing i know i was high as a kite and felt like superman. so it must of reacted with the alcohal to make it work or something like that, . from what was inteaded to be a night on the town ended up as a non stop 3 night binge. at the end of the 3rd night myself and some friends came back to my house and me and one of the people i was with was in such a state we were hugging everyone and everything because it felt so amazing it was the most intense euphoric experence i have ever had in my life. next day when i woke up i felt fine no come down at all just a bit hungover from he alcohal but as the day went by i started to feel depressed and got to a point were i as feelin suicidle and had random mood swings i was crying because i was so depressed, i can honestly say if i nkew i was going to feel like that i wouldnt have taken it in the first place, because nomatter how good those nights out were, i it wasnt worth howi felt that day


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    just because you've had one bad experience with a drug doesn't instantly mean it should be illegal. I agree with mephodrone being illegal because it can seriously fuck you up but your argueement could be applied to all drugs like weed etc.

    I disagree with weed being illegal because the "sciencetific" evidence that it makes your paranoid is hardly legitmate, and while some people have adverse reactions to it the same can be said for alchol and tabacoo and yet both are legal. I think Howard Marks summed up the illegal, legal drug agrument up in one statement "There is currently no drug that gives one the need to kill or maim and I am sure that eventually science will be able to produce one, but at this point in history the closest thing to do that is Alchol and this is legal" (or something along those lines)

    All I'm saying is that your agruement could be applied to all drugs becuase one or two people have bad experiences with them and think that everyone else has exactly the same effects as them
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    I've sniffed over an oz of this stuff in a 4 hour period and i've never experienced what you have on meph. Maybe what you had wasn't mephedrone. Although i have experienced the exact same thing as you, i mean word for word. But that was on NRG-1 / 2
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    an OZ and i would be dead if its at least 60% mephedrone, strong stuff to say the least.

    stay away from meth, if you dont, take it easy
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