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Graduate Assessment Centre

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Just wondering if anyone has ever gone to one as part of the job application process? This is the first graduate job I've applied for, though I graduated nearly 4 years ago. I've made it through the initial phone interview, but never had to go to an assessment centre as part of any of my previous job applications, so I'm not sure what to expect. I've been told to read up on the role and the company, that it will be group exercises and will last around 4 hours.

The role is for Financial and Insurance Trainee Recruitment Consultant with Hays, so any pointers on how to make a good impression from any current/former employees or even recruitment consultants would be particularly useful. I have worked in various jobs since graduating some in retail, libraries and banking so I'm sure I have many of the skills they'd be looking for. It's just I'm a bit of an introvert, so a bit of advice may help me keep my cool and shine through on Wednesday!


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    Hey :) ive done a few assessment days before and they havent been as bad as i thought they would be. They made an effort to make me feel at ease and comfortable and even the interviews seemed to be pretty informal. Just smile, thats all i can say.

    Smile, sit up straight and take your time over what you say. The group exercise is a tricky one, you dont wanna be the one who doesnt say anything but then again you dont wanna be the overly chatty one. Just try and get your point across, let people have their say but also chip into the conversation when you can.

    Good luck with it :) Im looking for grad jobs atm too, pain in the ass so far!
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    Thanks GoodFella. I'm going to spend some time tomorrow doing research, other than that I guess there's not much more I can do apart from try my best and smile :d

    Hope you have luck in finding some decent jobs, they certainly seem hard to come by at the moment.
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