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Postgrad Stuff (Stupid Course?)

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MSs/MRes in Global Governance and Public Policy

I'm not sure of what an MRes is, can anybody clear that up?

This course looks interesting... I work in the public sector and have an interest in current affairs...

However, I have been told by a couple of people, there's no point in doing a Masters degree unless you can get a job with it... In a way, I kinda see the point, as I can't afford to work for free after...

So I need something that would interest me and also that I can use... I'd quite like a career in an NGO, or maybe going in to politics or something... I'm very interested in poverty, the environment and social change. I may even do a PHD one day!

So would this MSc be a waste of time? Be honest...


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    I think MRes is Master of Research.
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    I did an MRes, but it was in biomedical science so probably different to the course you mention. I had to do a rotation of three four-month projects, each with assessment (written report, presentation and/or viva) at the end. There was no taught component, whereas with an MSc there are lectures, seminars and coursework. I liked how it was more research-focused than an MSc.
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    I think if you have the opportunity to do it in terms of the time and the money, then you definitely should. Doing my MA was a really good experience, allowing me to specialise in the areas I was interested in. It is also something that can give you the edge over another candidate who only has a degree, although of course work experience is also useful. I really feel like having mine is something that has opened up jobs for me. Further to that, it can be something quite difficult to come back to do later in life, so I'm glad I was able to do it over a year, full time, without having to spend years doing it part time later in life.

    Also, it would give you the time to do voluntary work in the sector you want to go into, so you could not only gain a higher level qualification and more advanced research skills, but you could also get some relevant work experience whilst you do it.

    I wouldn't agree with people that say there is no point in doing it unless you can get a job with it, but I'm a teacher so I am very much in favour of education for the sake of education, perhaps a bit biased there!
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    I'd be doing the MSc in the evening, part time, whilst working...

    I cannot imagine ever being able to afford it full time!

    Where do people even get that amount of money? :confused:

    I'm worried if I did full time, I'd have to leave my job and won't get another.
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    Ah okay, even better then if you're getting work experience AND the extra qualification. Is what you're doing now related in any way to what you'd like to do in the future, in content or transferable skills?

    I took out a loan to do mine but the company that did them aren't operating in the UK anymore.
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    See... I'm interested in a lot of things...

    Ideally, I'd like to do something which involves ecologically sustainable projects, but also 'disadvantaged groups'... Like maybe setting up a social enterprise... Or working on projects with homelessness...

    In fact, it's homelessness, drug addiction, resettlement for people out of prison and literacy, that kinda thing, that interests me. I am getting more involved where I work and my boss has created a kinda post, for me as 'community outreach lead', meaning I am the main point of contact for that where I work...

    I'm not interested in making a shitload of money, getting a Wikipedia page so much as helping to drive social change... But I know at the same time, if I get laid off (I am public sector), I cannot afford to be lumbered with a load of debt! I'd like to stay in fields I care a lot about...

    I am very good with people, I get told that all the time. I'm an ideas person, very motivated and I'm always very active, I love problem solving...

    Perhaps studying something community orientated, or environmental would be more useful (saying that, I can always do OU later), but thought the politics and policy stuff would help me, in giving a firm grounding, as much of my BA(Hon) degree was things like philosophy, ethics and theory which, whilst it has its place, I feel would be less use than something pragmatic...

    Sorry for the long reply!
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