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Environmental science

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Hello :wave:

I've found that I get funding from the Open University to study a module of Environmental Science with them, however, is this a sensible topic to study? I'm employed in IT, should I just stick with IT? I don't whether its just a stupid idea that I've gone in to my head, can you actually get a job in Environmental Science?


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    my fiance has a 2:2 in environmental geoscience (graduated in 2009) and has been working as a cleaner ever since. the combination of him not having a 2:1 and the lack of jobs in the sector have meant that he just can't find anything.

    Are you doing a degree with the OU or just one module? If you are just studying the module in your own time then it doesn't necessarily mean a career change - was that what you had in mind or are you studying it because it interests you? I'd say go for it if it's just for fun, but don't hold your breath on jobs with the environment agency unless you get a top degree and have lots of experience.
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    Hi adogwithsunglasses,

    Studying environmental science sounds great, I did an A level in it a long time ago and found it really interesting.

    It might be worth thinking about what skills you can gain from studying it as well as the career opportunities. Have a look at this page on Prospects, it talks about the transferable skills you would gain/develop.

    Would you continue to work in your job in IT whilst studying? If so it might be worth thinking less about whether you would definitely get a career from it and, as omg hi says, more about whether you would enjoy the course and benefit from it personally? Its also worth considering whether you definitely have the time to dedicate to it if you are working as well? If you continue to work in your IT role, then you will always have this experience to fall back on even if you can't or don't want to get a job in enviro science at the end.

    Keep us updated with what you decide :)
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