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Writing a note to say it's going wrong.

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I just want to start of saying I feel really selfish, I ask for advice and help but I don't reply to when others post, mainly as I'm awful at advice :/
But I just want to apologise for that.

Anyway; I've been trying to write a note to my mentor, it's basicly things I've been trying to say since I've been back at school, but either I couldn't think of the words to say it then, or I've run out of time and whatnot. So I thought I'd just write a note..

But I don't know what to say without it making me sound like I'm going to kill myself.. I'm just trying to say how unhappy I am and how I want to stop my SH and things and nothing is getting better it's just getting worse, which it is. I feel so unwanted by my friends, I feel so rejected and hated and I want it to be over :(

But if I say it how I was going to it'll have to go further and my parents would have to know and I'm keeping them out of it.
I'm just in a real big rut at the moment and can't get myself out :(

I know it's a stupid time to post this, but I want to give it to her tommorow and I'm really stuck on what to say :/

Any help?
Thanks :)


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    Hi Bleepy-
    Sounds like you are in kind of a tight spot. I can relate to how difficult it is when you want to tell someone exactly what you are feeling but you also don't want to sound like you are going to go and jump off a cliff.

    Maybe you just need to think of a way to start with the positives. Tell her that you really want to take this year to improve your life. How you have been struggling with your relationship with your friends and that makes you really unhappy. You could tell her that you want to do what you can to turn that around and to get rid of some bad habits. Tell her that you haven't exactly been kind to yourself in the past and you want that to change.

    I hope this helps a little. Hopefully you see this before you want to turn in that note or you found what you wanted to say on your own. I know I'm a bit late. I seem to be the only one here from the states. :)

    By the way, good for you that you are wanting to stop SH. I have been struggling on and off for years to do that but have been successful for the past couple months (every little bit counts, right?). The hardest step for me was not getting mad at myself if I slipped up. You may slip up. The important thing to remember is that you want to stop this and you can just keep trying. Make sure to do something nice for yourself to commemorate your milestones. My husband had problems with cutting when he was younger and when he quit for a year he got a cake to celebrate. In the past I have kept a calendar and I put a star on every day that I didn't cut. When I slipped up there wouldn't be a star on that day, but the next day there would be two because I was starting over and that was a great thing! Good luck!*hug*
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    thank you :)
    it does help, I'll end up writing it and wont give it to her, just see how i stammer on next time i talk to her.
    But thank you! Appreciate it :)
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