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Xbox Live disconnecting

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Hey :)

I've only recently got into the whole xbox live thing. I played Modern Warfare 2 on xbox live at my brothers and thought i would try setting it up back at mine.

Anyway, my net is a decent enough 6 meg and ive never really had any problems with it at home. It runs from the phone line, into the back of a router, then from the router into the xbox. It downloads nice and fast etc etc buuuuut ive been having problems when using xbox live. Basically i can only play about 2 or 3 matches then it just says "Xbox Live has been disconnected" blah blah.

Then basically from then on the multiplayer is unplayable or i can play 1 match again but it will kick me out mid match etc.

I've done abit of googling around and alot of people have had the same problem, even people with super fast 20 meg but there never seems to be a helpful solution about.

So there must be something i'm doing wrong/missed surely?

Just wondered if anyone here has had the same problem. If not no biggie :)
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