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anxious nervous please help

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well i just cant believe it. im 22 and suffering from anxiety and nervousness and its ruining my life:banghead: all i want is to enjoy my life and go out and do things without worrying (worrying about what i just dont know) and its doing my head in. it probably started just after christmas 2010 maybe february and i went to see someone about it like a counceller or something like that and i felt fine for about one week and then i went on down hill AGAIN!!!!:crying: :no: :mad: :banghead: and so anyway ... i got put on propranolol and i felt better and better until just recently i started to get very anxious and nervous again. so i went back to the doctors and i have started to take the tablets again but only when i need them. i have to go see a cognitive behavioural therapist. i really dont want this to be a part of my life i really dont. it leaves me feel frustrated and confused and absolutely tired to the point i just need to (at work) just run to the toilets and cry and cry but that makes me feel even worse and more tired so i get sent home and AAARRRGGGHHH is there anyone else like me? i feel like the only one really and i think that if i could talk and get in contact with people suffering from the same thing it could help me and u!!!!! when i go out i feel on edge and worried and i also think a little paranoid. i do go out and make myself go out in fear that if i dont i will end up a recluse and then thats it .... what life is that for anyone???????? i just feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. how do you cope with this sort of thing? i call it a thing because i know that it is not a actual illness or im mental, i know im doing it all myself so i just wish that i could think differently and sto haing negative thoughts. but how. i hope i can find help from the behavioural therapists. im even uptight about going there because i dont know what to expect and ive never been there before and i scared that i will start to panic because of this and not be able to breath and that i will faint when in these cases i know very few people do faint but just the thought of it makes me very scared. i know what is wrong with myself and i know im not a freak lol and i can communicate with people and things like that but soon as i start thinking OMG WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANT??? and then off i go and i feel like i am looking down on myself and i go quiet and i feel like my eyes are very wide as if i look startled and i feel jittery and on edge and i know it will sound weird but i feel like my head is being pulled in one direction all the frigging time.
anyway i think i have said everything i feel like lol.
please take time to read what i have wrote please .... i know its a long long essay lol
hope people right to me positively


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    I'm just going to move this over in to the Health & Welbeing forum...

    Welcome to TheSite anxious. You've come to the right place as there are other people here who have gone through similar feelings to what you describe. It sounds like you're feeling really frustrated at the moment and wishing that this wasn't your life in a way. It's important to remember that you really aren't alone. A lot of people struggle with anxiety and stress at points in their lives. Getting help from a counsellor is a really positive step, it can be daunting but they are trained to help you to feel at ease and open up about what's going on. If you're open to their help then you will find that light at the end of the tunnel that you're looking for. You don't have to cope with this on your own and there are ways that you can learn to overcome these feelings. Could you make another appointment with your GP? Perhaps talk to someone close to you that you trust like a friend or family member and get them to go along with you?

    You may also want to think about calling a helpling such as Supportline - perhaps write down a few things you're struggling with beforehand and they will help you to talk. They offer confidential emotional support and also hold details of counsellors and local support groups.

    Let us know how you get on, I'm sure others here will share their own experiences too. Take care and keep posting :)
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    I suffer with it greatly too. you're not alone.
    Not sure what to advise... there is a website called, no more panic, perhaps that would be of use to you? stay cool
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