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Need permission?

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Does anyone know whether you need to get any sort of approval to replace a roof? I live in the ground floor flat of what use to be a house, and our bathroom is an extension to the house so it has a flat roof and the people that live in the flat above us have access via a fire escape to get into their property in through the back of their flat (so basically they go up the steps and across our bathroom roof and in through their back door). The people in the first floor flat rent and we bought out flat from their landlord, and we are both jointly responsible for all exterior walls and roofs as it is one building that is convereted into two seperate flats. We are therefore going halves with their landlord. As he has investigated all of the repair work etc (he is a plumber and knows various tradesman) I'm just wondering if there is anything we should be doing like getting approval to comply with building regulations? He said he is having problems as the people who have been out to look at it don't want to do it due to the fire escape and I'm soooo not clued up on any of this stuff and nor is my hubby really. Any help/information/advice greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there,

    It seems like you in a good position at the moment as you have an agreement with the landlord of the other flat to replace the roof of your bathroom. However, you would like advice on whether you need approval to comply with building regulations, and rightly so. You wouldn't want to start works to just have to stop them!

    I'm not sure what the answer is to your question, as it is quite specific. However, I suggest that you go to your local council who may be able to give you advice on what needs planning permission and what doesn't. It might be a good idea to not commence any works until you are 100% sure whether you need permission or not.

    Further you may like visit your local Citizen's Advice Bureau for advice. You can find your local office by entering your postcode on the left hand side of their website.

    Good luck!

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