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To what extent can you get help in work for a learning difficulty?

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I have dyspraxia and my work load is demanding... At one point three people were doing what I am doing, then two, now just me...

So all these new targets have come out, which means more paper work, more computer shit, more arguments with clients, more reasons for you to get laid off if you're not making these figures so we can look good as a department...

I have trouble with paper work, but have been told that if other people can manage their caseloads, so can I (most people who interview have 8-10 appointments a day, I have 22 some days). I mean like my brain freezes up and I am not good at looking at lines...

Bosses know I have dyspraxia, but I don't see why I am doing so much. A couple of members of staff have said they think my work load is too big, so why am I doing it? It's entirely disproportionate to other members of staff.

I want to leave my job and I'm job hunting. It's not a nice place to work in tbh... But right now I am hating it so much that it is impacting my outside life. I am scared to talk to bosses because the work culture is that we're not paid to think, or argue our work (as said by a higher manager), we're paid to do the job. I don't want to be seen as weak or a liability because I struggle at some areas because I work as hard... If not harder than a shitload of people.

I really don't know what to do...


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i would defently have a talk with your manager and say how much stress is causing becuase of dyspraxia. from what you said it sounds like your getting to much workload than other people.

    hope it helps
  • LauraOLauraO ********* Posts: 535 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
    Hi Namaste,

    Sorry to hear you are so busy at work :(

    Cobra makes a really good point about speaking to your manager. Not everyone fully understands what dyspraxia is or how it can affect your work, so it’s probably worth chatting to your manager again. They maybe unaware of how difficult you are finding your workload and may assume that because you haven’t spoken to them about it you are in fact fine. Communication and honesty can be key to being happy at work. You could check out this article on Lifetracks about dealing with your boss, it may help you approach them.

    Also, not sure if you have seen this website before but it has information for employees with dyspraxia. It points out that everyones different and only you know how your dyspraxia will affect your ability to do the job, but it also mentions the Disability Discrimination Act which can mean employers need to make reasonable adjustments to support you – its definitely worth a quick read.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on :)
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    Unless you tell your boss there is a problem then the answer to your question is None - you cannot get any help unless your employer is aware of the problem and how it impacts on you. So my advice as above is to tell your manager!
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    Did you declare it when you started there?

    If so then you need to remind them, and if they do not find so way of assisting you then they cannot performance manage you without opening themselves up for a employment case.

    If not then you have a problem.
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