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Is there any point in doing a masters?

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There's a lotta things I'd like to do and I'd love to continue studying...

But tbh, apart from just enjoying studying, I don't really know if there's much point in doing a masters degree...

I was thinking about doing something environmental, or to do with development and/or anthropology, but in getting a career development loan, I'd need to know I have a job right after.

I already have an undergraduate degree and feel it was a bit of a waste of time career-wise... I now work in the public sector, in a job a monkey could do. I am concerned that whilst I'd enjoy doing a post grad, the most I'd get out of it is being in more debt.

Has anybody found any career benefit in postgraduate education? Or is it just enjoyment for those who can afford it?


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    I have a masters and i work in a sector where nearly everyone has one - it has helped a bit but tbh i don't really work directly in the field that i did my masters in so its not that relevant to my every day job but it did help get a foot in the door.

    My friend did an open university masters which I think is quite a good option if you don't want to rack up lots of debt by taking a year off - but you do end up using up nearly all of your holiday on study leave.
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    Hi Namaste,

    Why not check out this article about Postgraduate Qualifications on TheSite.org’s sister site Lifetracks.com. It has information and links on options for funding to help you finance a masters.

    As Wyetery said there is also the option of Open University or studying part-time which would allow you to continue to work.

    Good luck with your decision, let us know what you decide :)

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