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best pubs / clubs liverpool

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myself and friend are going to liverpool next week, we are into dance music and would live to do a few clubs while we are there, was told cream and mood are good, anywhere else good to go, and what are best pubs to start off the night in.

thanks, cari :)


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    Jacaranda, Slater Street. :Busy pretty much all of the time, has a downstairs which is super hot! But they do lovely mixers, £10 jugs.
    The Pilgrim, Pilgrim Street: Seems to have downgraded, full of students most of the time, so not for everyone.
    The Peacock, Seel Street: Lovely place. I went into this place by accident and it was nice. Open plan, outside area, not super loud - no music when I went, was just one of those summer days where people we chatting and having a nice peaceful drink. Here is a Google Maps link, because I couldn't see the name of this place when I walked past. Its changed now, don't worry about the work. Google link -- These also own HeebieJeebies - which is okay. and Jacaranda.

    Can't recommend clubs that play dance music, I've stayed clear. Honestly though, anywhere in town you can make a good night out of it. Anywhere around Fleet Street, Seel Street & Parr Street [which has dance clubs on].
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    Bar Cava! Start there and you're bound to have a good night out!
    Just up the road from there is Concert Square, there are tonnes of mainstream clubs there with even more unique clubs down the nearby roads.
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