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Is there any way out?

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scared to be loved yet scared to be alone. Its me again the girl from the 'am i mad?' post. I have been speaking to my boyfriends ( well ex now) ex girlfriend ( the one b4 me) and she is painting a very bad picture of him. I dont know whether i can speak to him any more after the things she told me. I know what she's saying is true. But i now feel like even more of a fool for thinking he was nice. Should i just loose contact. Iv tried phonin him to keep friends but he keeps guilt- trippin me which does nothin 4 my self-hatred and makes me feel really bad and upset. I know im not a horrible person and i dont want to hurt anyone but i cant continue with all the pressure he's puttin on me to carry on the relationship. Please help me find a solution, my heads messed up as it is, i feel awful.


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    Sounds like the problem you've got is that you're too nice. I know you really dont want to hurt anybody, but sometimes in life thats just not possible. You have to make it clear to him that you dont want to be with him, but you are willing to be friends. Although having said that, it might be good for you to avoid him for a while, he's obviously still wants you and friendship could be really hard at the moment.

    Phone him and tell him how you feel. If he tries another guilt trip, tell him to stick it. You'll be a much better person for it.

    Good luck
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