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Feeling lonely and isolated :( *could be triggering*

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I have posted a lot in less than a month and I think this is the 4th thread I have started about me, and my problems.

Well you could probaberbly guess I feel lonly and isolated, I do so very much, it's always me who tend to get left out or the one who has to sit out.

I'm fed up I'm not much of a talkative person I only tend to talk to myself sometimes andd sometimes talk to this bear I have named Ross I feel as though I can confide in him and ttell him anything and ssometimes I feel like he talks back I could probaberbly guess what your thinking of me right now, that I'm totally wired, I guess I am. :(

We got out school treports back from our tteacher I opened it to see what it said I showed my Father half of my report and hid the teachers comment from him, because I had felt ashamed of what it said so I hid it.

There are so many people in this world but I harderly have a single friendd the feeling of isolation make me sad and want to cry I hate being lonly :(
I just wish life was easier alot easier than it is now :(
I self harm a few times a day and watch the blood drip out then I would draw with the blood on paper I wish I was dead sometimes all the wonders of suicide will one day come hopefully soon. Nobody understands me not even me myself :(


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    Hi Alarna,

    I moved this thread in to health and wellbeing, you'll be able to get the best support for how your feeling here as others who've been through similar feelings are more likely to notice your post in this forum.

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so low, you said that you feel isolated and lonely which must be really tough for you. Reaching out to someone you can trust can really help. Is there anyone at school maybe that you could talk to? You mentioned problems with your councilor before, have you managed to see anyone else? It's really important that you find someone to support you and it's not uncommon for people to go through a few different councillors before they find someone that they feel comfortable with who they can trust.

    Life can seem totally overwhelming sometimes but it's really good that you're posting here, hopefully it helps to know that there are people listening who want to try and help. I know it can seem scary but if you do find yourself feeling really desperate then do think about calling a helpline, Childline is free and it won't show up on your phone bill *hug*
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