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Which cut ?

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Went clothes shopping today as i need some new gear after losing so much weight this year that everything's too 'baggy' on me now.

Anyhoo, was looking at the limited (my loclal town centre has a Burtons and a Little Italy and that's it) ammount of clothes shops for men and can't find the right cut of jeans i want.

I like to wear jeans on my hips, hipsters i suppose. Because although i've lost weight, i've still a bit of a belly due to lipodystrophy and if i get jeans to fit round my waste they're much too baggy round the bum and back of the thighs on me.

I tried loose cut, relaxed cut, comfort cut, boot cut and everything's a bit too loose on me round the bum/back thigh area.

Any ideas on shops/what cut i need. BTW i'm not paying £50+ for a pair of jeans :)
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