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Just been told by the docs that they're pretty certain i have endometriosis and am now waiting for the laparoscopy in Sept. Feel quite relieved in a way as thought i was going a bit daft feeling tired all the time and in pain and the docs couldn't find anything on my blood tests etc.

But what i wanted to ask if two things. One serious the other not that much so.

Trying to sift through the various literature i'm a bit confused. Does having this condition mean that the chances of you being infertile are a lot higher than normal?

And for anybody who has had this, have you found that you cannot drink alcohol anymore? Bit of an odd question i know but over the last two weeks i've found i feel drunk pretty much straight away and after only 2 drinks feel sick :( I couldn't work out why at first, but just wondering if this is now the reason.


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    LilzoLilzo Posts: 38 Boards Initiate
    Hi Carolina, :wave:

    It’s hard to say what percentage of women who have endometriosis will become infertile as each individual case will be different and it depends on the severity of your endometriosis. A lot of women living with endometriosis manage their symptoms successfully. This website gives some positive information on managing the symptoms of endometriosis and this website gives some good links to on-line support groups.

    It is suggested that women with endometriosis do give up alcohol as it is said to increase estrogen levels which are associated with endometriosis. Likewise, caffeinated drinks are also said to exacerbate symptoms for the same reason. Giving up alcohol completely may not be something you feel able to do but cutting down regular drinking would be a very good idea. There are some more useful tips on diet and lifestyle here and of course your doctor will be able to speak to you about any treatment that may be useful.

    Best of luck and let us know how you get on!

    Take care,

    Lilzo :)
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