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need to pee during sex..

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Hey guys :wave:

Sooo this is kinda embarrassing to admit, but lately whenever i have sex, midway through i usually get the urge to pee.
Ive had this issue every now and again since ive been sexually active, but have never really given it a second thought as it doesnt happen that often.
With my current partner however who i have been seeing for the last month its gotten waay worse.
I usually try and go to the toilet before sex - unless its spontaneous so i dont go otherwise id ruin 'the moment' - so i know that my bladder is empty yet it still happens?
The guy im with isnt overly huge in that department so that cant be the reason why its happening... although he does last a while every time, usually 45 mins to an hour - which dont get me wrong, is great, but im wondering if this is the reason why i need the urge to pee more? because its lasting longer and its continual??

Someone told me that it could be a buildup to orgasm (or 'squirting'?! :confused: ) and should just go with it.. but what if it it is isnt and it IS actually the need to pee?!! that would be so mortifyingly embarassing :blush:
Ive mentioned in other posts ages ago that ive never been able to orgasm.. and despite loving sex, ive never done it on my own and never with a partner (:() so if this feeling IS normal for 'orgasm buildup' then i wouldnt have a clue!!

Im really confused about it and was just wondering if any other ladies get this feeling from time to time and what they do about it?
carry on and 'hold it in', go with it.. or stop and go to the loo?!!!


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    Hey Soraliah :wave:

    You're right, there can be an element of confusion between needing to pee and the build up of an orgasm and it can also be that there's just a little too much pressure on your bladder in certain sexual positions.

    You could go with it as the chance that you will actually pee is really very slim and then if you did genuinely need to go then you'd probably be able to stop in time.

    Cosmo has a Q&A that explains a little more on the biology side.

    Other sources (including TheSite's Q&A) tend to say just make sure you've been to the loo quite recently before sex and then you can feel a lot more confident about making the distinction. :)
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    Ah, I get that. I used to go to the toilet just before if I knew we were going to do it but it'd still feel like it. I've always had problems with orgasming as well so last year I got a bullet vibe to try and help. Got the same feeling but ignored it as I was on my own, it was my bed, if it was wee then I'd deal with it lol. I found that once I got past feeling worried that I would pee I could orgasm really well.

    I do find that it's worse if he's on top because there's more pressure on my bladder if that makes sense?

    Hope things get better soon :)
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    If his penis curves up then he might be putting more pressure on your bladder. If you use the bathroom before you have sex, then at least you have some piece of mind and you know your bladder is empty.

    Sometimes I'll get that feeling, too, usually it's the position we're in. Missionary puts the most pressure on my bladder, doggy the least. Try switching things around - you might find that being on top is most comfortable as you're able to control how deep he goes.

    Regarding orgasms... I'd seriously suggest spending a bit more time with yourself and experimenting with different forms of masturbation and different toys to see what gets you off. There's no pressure when you're alone, no time limit, no rush... just take your time, and experiment a little more.

    Oh, and I'll always feel the need to pee if there's pressure around the g spot (which presses on the same nerves that signal a full bladder). If you've been to the bathroom and know your bladder is empty, it can help to 'push' slightly when you feel that pressure building. Eventually it'll pass (and will result in a mind blowing orgasm if you respond to g-spot stimulation!)
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    Does this happen if/when you masturbate? If you try and replicate the rhythm/movement/pressure that happens during sex then you can see if it is needing to pee or building up to a squirting orgasm. I;ve squirted before occasionally and it does feel a bit like needing to pee.

    I say go with it next time, if it is pee, like helen said you'll be able to stop yourself if you suddenly realise 'oh crap im peeing'. If not then just keep going and see it through because its just wow :D
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