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Dilemma, opinions please?

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I decided I want to embark on the frustrating but exciting world of creative advertising, having studied a BA Hons degree in design previously. I looked at postgraduate courses and there's one that meets my needs which I was fortunate enough to be accepted on in June - the tuition fees are £3,500 and it's in a lovely city not too far from my hometown. However, it's a new course and the work looks a bit underwhelming.

On researching similar opportunities a bigger and better course has just reopened after a 15 year absence in pricey London. Very competitive to get into (though I've made it past the first round) and offers privileges such as a 6 month placement and an astonishing 6:1 tutor to student ratio from some of London's finest creatives. The tuition fees are an extortionate £3,500 per term but the website boast of available scholarships.

However, despite it's many assets, the 18 month opportunity is only categorised as a Level 4 within the National Qualifications Network, which pitches it somewhere between A-Levels and a degree. I have a degree! It's a deliberately intense, challenging and full-on course - I have no doubt I'd be in with a good chance of employment after it. However, given that I have a degree wouldn't it be a bit stupid to take a few steps back in my education rather than progress with a masters? Or would you argue that it doesn't matter about the classification of what you're studying so long as you're happy with the course?

Any input welcome!


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    work placements sounds good in this job climate
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    If 'going back' a few steps helps you take a few more forward, take it. Qualifications aren't everything anymore.
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