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Down at the moment-UPDATE

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Well i have got my letter through for my physciatrist (sorry about the spelling). Its on the 16th july.

I am scared and worried i dont know what to expect or anything. The letter says i will be seen by two members of there clinical staff.

What does this mean??

Will i see them at the same time or one at once??

Has anyone else been to a physciatrist?? if so could you please tell me what i am likely to expect and what sort of questions they may ask.

Anything would be a great help thank you x


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    remember that a psychiatrist is a doctor so they will take a very clinical approach. it might come across as abrupt but their job is to assess your condition, not to make you feel better or give sympathy. they will ask you questions about how you feel and what you do - how you sleep, eat, socialise etc, whether you work, your daily routine. they will ask about the history of your condition, how long it's been going on, how your childhood was, how your parents and family are affected. they usually ask about family history of mental illness. then they will either make a diagnosis if they think you fit one or leave it open but either way they will draw up a care plan for you, which might be seeing a psychotherapist or psychologist, or maybe a counsellor or psychiatric nurse. if you stay with them then you'll have regular check-ups with the psychiatrist like you would any other doctor.

    as for the two members of staff, it might be that one is a trainee who is observing, or one might be a psychologist or nurse or something who plans to see you straight away. usually you have to be referred for treatment with them but they might have a plan already in place. or they might just be there to give a second opinion. if it's an observer, they just sit there so you can pretend they're not there. if it's someone who will be directly involved in your case they will probably pipe up every now and again but in any meeting with a psychiatrist (in my experience) it's the psychiatrist who is in charge.

    try not to be worried about it, it's a scary prospect but try to think of it as if you were seeing a specialist for any other problem.
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    Thank you for your help you have helped me alot i am not as worried now because i know what ti kinda expect =] so thank you xx
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    i'm glad you feel better about it now :)

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