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Motorbike tyres .. need new ones

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I know there are better places to ask for advice about bikes, but thought it's worth asking here anyway.

I have a XJ900s with Bridgestone BT45s - my rear is lasting about 3000 miles, and the fronts double that. They're always at the right pressure too. Not happy with how they are wearing.

Someone told me BT45s are more common on 500cc bikes and to try the 020s and 021s, another said Michelin Pilot 2's.

Anyone had any experience with them?

Oh, and if anyone is up for a ride out in the good weather - let us know (I'm in Bournemouth - recently moved down and know hardly anyone with bikes).


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    3000 miles is nothing for a bike tyre. Do you check the tread depths yourself, or do you go to a dealer?

    I've had two XJ600S's in the past, but probably didn't do much mileage back then - so my tyres lasted ages. Now I have an R1200GS with Tourances, which last for about 10k - so not relevant. However, my hubby has been very happy with Pilot 2's on his '08 Triumph Tiger. We clocked up nearly 10k in the US last summer. He changed his original tyres in Portland, OR, and the Pilot 2's are still going strong about 6k later.

    Have you tried registering with a bike forum? I did a quick search and came up with this one. There is bound to be someone who could give you some decent advice.

    Sorry not to be more help.
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    Great shout on the forum - will check that out.

    I'm not one to use a dealer - I try do all work myself. 3000 miles and they're worn to the wear markers - which apparently is borderline legal - but can't really imagine them lasting another 300 miles let alone a couple of thousand.

    I think I will give the tyre man a call tomorrow and place an order for a pair of Pilot 2's. Planning on doing a fair few miles touring later in summer so hopefully they will last the duration.

    Thanks for the advice - appreciated - will see how the Pilots work out!
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