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A Song For The Girl (A new song obviously :P)

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so i've written a song today, and its basically a song about not feeling good enough to take a chance but giving it go none the less, its basically summing up how i feel about a girl from college atm so yeah :)

I wish i could do better for you
But I know I'm not worth your time
I can't buy you no delicate pearls
I can only sing you this song of words
SO i'm off into the world because
I know i'm not worth your time

I wish there was some divine sign
that could show you how i feel
but i'm say in my room instead of taking a chance
So i'll write you this song and hope that you'll listen
because its what i wanna say everytime your near

I wish i was with you now
You'd take away this pain
and fill my heart with songs and joy/praise
baby girl don't cry, when you hear this song
because i'm not totally lost with you

So i'll take you by the hand
and jump up into the light
so that i'll that this chance with you
I can't you buy no delicate pearls
no diamond rings, but i can
write just how i feel

If you were to fulfil
someone else dreams
I know i'd disappear into the night
my beautiful girl
let me take this chance
Order: Intro, Chorus, V1, C, V2, V3

Hope you guys like this song, its acoustic folk and in the intro and mid theres a harmonica part
i've showed this to the singer/guitarist in the acoustic duo i'm in and he likes it (as he does with most of my stuff) and we're recording it next week, and we're gonna play it at the next gig so i'm gonna have to get a neck brace for the harmonica cos i'm the one that plays it

Anyway, i'll put a link up when we've sorted out the myspace etc and I'll put up the kings of leon cover i've done with some help from GD
sorrry thats taken ages but i've been preoccupied with getting ready for exams and this acoustic duo :)


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