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What to wear?

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My best mate is getting married next week in Mauritius, nobody is going with them so they are having a reception when they get back. I have no idea what I should wear! I have only ever been to a wedding reception when I've been at the wedding as well, so have been quite dressed up for that. It is at the local British Legion Club so it's not anywhere posh, but as it is a wedding reception I feel I should make some effort. Thing is my hubby will be wearing jeans as he only has two suits and neither fit him and he hates dressing smartly anyway, I have just bought a nice top but I think it's more daytimey and it would only really go with skinny jeans which I don't think would be suitable? Could poss wear black trousers with it. Help!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I think maybe a summery dress, and maybe do something nice with your hair? But I don't think you'd have to be too dressed up, it depends on the couple though... are they very formal etc?

    If you know anyone else that's going, you could ask them what they are wearing.
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    I agree with B-A, a summery dress sounds about right, and not too dressy beside your hubby.

    Incidentally, I always gauge what I wear to a wedding by the type of reception being given afterwards, rather than dressing up for the ceremony per se. After all, it is the reception that is the 'social' highlight of the day. Generally, you spend longer there (and are more in the spotlight) than at the wedding itself. So the fact that you aren't going to the ceremony shouldn't really affect your choice of clothes for the reception.
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