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my lifes sudicidal thouts

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i dont feel happy i feel isolated scared because people are bullying me at college u no when you have the the popular people they are like telling all my friend not to hang about with me because i am un cool tha hurts my feeling so if people are like being like this whats the point off living my life if people are being horrible i try telling people e.g my mum and a teacher but they dont listen.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i'm sorry you feel this way. People can be cruel and unkind, but this should not get us down.

    Find friends outside of college, or get an internet friend in another country. Listen to music, or read, or go for walks. These can help you clear your head from your low feelings.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i found school and college really hard too. i think you need to keep trying to get your teacher to listen to you if things are getting you down this much. if you don't get anywhere with them, try a different teacher. they have to listen to you, it's their job. why do you think your mum doesn't listen? do you think if you tried to tell her how upset what happens at college makes you feel she would listen more?

    always keep in mind what you are at college to do. you're there to get your qualifications and complete your course. of course it's nice to have friends and i'm sure there are people there who like you, but even if there weren't, that's not the reason for being there. always try to remember that. i know how hard it is to feel isolated. remember it's not forever, in a few weeks you will be finished for summer and i know that seems a long time away now but it's not really. i'm not suggesting for a second that people behaving how you describe is acceptable, but people (especially girls) can be very unkind and thoughtless and don't always realise they are being that way.

    there is a lot of point to living your life. when you leave college and get a job a whole new circle of people will open up to you and (hopefully) you will be doing a job you enjoy with people who enjoy it too. school and college can be a pretty shit time for a lot of people. try and see past the end of it and look forward to what you want to achieve in later life. i promise you that one day it will all come together for you and make sense. until then, keep talking about how you feel. keep your head down and get on with your work and if people want to be arseholes then they are not the sort of people you want as friends anyway.

    take care x
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