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Help please

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I fancy this boy in my year. I am very close to him and know lots about his intrests etc.
The thing is he is very immature, and i dont want to ask him out in case he says no or thinks it is a joke.
I dont want to ask him out for a date as i think that is totally unnessersary, but i can see my self being his girl friend

Could you give me advice on what to do, what signs to look out for that he is interested in me, whether or not i should ask him out and how i would ask him out?

If you could answer everything i have written about i would be very happy
Thank you


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    Hi Daniixtx,

    Firstly just to say, if someone else has been using your account I'd think about changing your password, it can be confusing if more than one person is posting using the same account, hope you get that sorted :)

    It sounds like you've got your eye on a boy in your year and think you'd make a good couple. Unfortunately there's never any 100% fulproof way of knowing how someone is going to react if you ask them out so you might just have to take the plunge!

    Maybe knowing his interests you could suggest hanging out together doing something you know he likes. It doesn't have to be an official 'date' but just a way to spend time just the two of you and see how it goes?

    We have an article on asking someone out you might want to read: http://www.thesite.org/sexandrelationships/singles/dealingwithdates/askingsomeoneout

    Also this one on flirting will give you some tips and things to look out for: http://www.thesite.org/sexandrelationships/singles/onthepull/flirting

    Good luck, let us know how things go ;)
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    Just to be clear, you dont mind that he is immature?

    well, yeah. just target his one of his interest and hang out. Just have some confidence and ask him out. What have you got to lose?
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