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Getting a transfer at work? Advice needed please!

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Basic background story, I have been with my current company for 6 years. I transferred from the Midlands to the South West at the start of November 2009. Got on really well in my new location and have just been offered, and accepted a promotion.

My company were very helpful in transferring me the first time round, no complaints. I have however had a pretty dramatic change of circumstances and need to move back to my home town. Does anyone know the law surrounding these circumstances? Are they obligated to transfer me or is it entirely to their discretion?

I brought the subject up briefly with my line manager and he said it would be harder to find me a position in my new role than in my old role - could it be a possibility to move and take an effective demotion back to my older role?

The thing is I don't want to bring it up too much at work for the time being as I'm still settling into my new role and don't want to 'rock the boat' as it were.

Basically, if they refuse to help me move back can I do anything or is it all their decision?

Any help appreciated. :thumb:


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    geneve wrote: »
    Check your contract, does it refer to your work place as your office in the Midlands or South West?

    The South West.

    My company has a policy to strive to place managerial figures in a position within 35 miles of their home address - they were helpful with the first transfer and everything, so hopefully it shouldn't be an issue, maybe?

    It's just - is it cheeky to ask for another transfer? I can't help but think it may come across as if I've come down, got the promotion then decided to just swan off all blase. I didn't ask for the promotion by the way, they surprised me with it.

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    I'm pretty sure they are not obliged to offer a transfer unless stated in your contract, I wouldn't say it is cheeky to ask but explain the circumstances, apologise and they should help.

    If it means taking a demotion, then it means that. the thing the company will look at are obviously.

    How good an employee you are, if you are good and worth keeping around and of course your reliability. now depending on the circumstances they might say "he's unreliable, we've promoted him but he is wanting to move away now" doesn't look brilliant but it depends on who your HR are and the circumstances, it might possibly effect your future promotions.

    Now I am not saying this will happen, but it "might" happen. Is your job heavy in initial training, obviously they'll look at the cost implications of not letting you transfer. and also if there any openings of course.

    I've found in most circumstances employers are fair but in a legal sense, unless stated in the contract they have no obligation to transfer you from your initial posting.
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