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Maths A'level



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    geneve wrote: »
    But you can still enjoy photograpy throughout your A Levels and study it in the future without having to actually do an A Level in it. I would be suprised in an A Level in it is the most appropriate form of study either, is there not an arts college near you that runs an evening class? Does your school have the best facilities for studying it?

    I'm a boarder, so I don't really have very many options outside of my school. Plus, a lot of the photography course is about thinking about stuff, and taking both GCSE and A'level in free time shows a certain degree of commitment blah blah blah for uni applications etc.
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    ShyBoy wrote: »
    Of course it depends on the job, but that's missing my point that there are an increasing number of jobs where for new graduates they are saying some analytical / numerate focus in either the degree or A levels is important.

    I don't doubt that, in the fields in which you're applying, or in things like general management graduate schemes. What I am saying is that relevant qualifications are more valuable in specific fields. If maths is relevant to a job, then having a qualification in it will be an advantage. If it has no bearing, it's not. You seem to think that it is universally helpful. What I am telling you from my experience is that it's not.

    For example, I've just been involved recruiting someone to cover my job (editor) while I'm on leave. Because of the market, we got LOADS of applicants, some with very respectable qualifications (degrees/masters in law/maths/science/engineering), but they all went on the discard pile, cause they didn't have the qualifications or experience needed. Whereas people who'd studied things like English/journalism/writing were put in for consideration.

    If Grace had come on and was taking a variety of different subjects and had no idea what she wanted to do when she graduated, I'd agree that maths might be an advantage. But look at her other choices. Look at her career ideas. She's a linguist, and a writer, and a historian. She's interested in journalism, and photography. I just can't see that studying a subject that is at odds to all that (and that she hates) will benefit her.
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    I see where you're coming from, but I just think you are missing my point that it's general jobs that are now saying it's important not specifically maths related ones. Editor is quite a specific job and so will have specific requirements, and so isn't really comparable.

    Like I was saying though, it's just something to bear in mind, because it can help open doors before you have experience or specific qualifications or whatever. After that, a levels don't really matter much.
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