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How do hydration drinks (sports drinks) actually aid hydration?

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I did an experiment on diuresis and my results show that the subjects who drank a hydration drink (it was some lucozade thing that came in a sachet) had the fastest and greatest increase in urine production, which also went clear the fastest. Now I know this means the drink probably worked, but I can't find anything that explains HOW these drinks actually work in hydrating the body, it just says they do and goes on about how they provide carbs etc too for atheletes which I don't really need to know as this was a group of students who weren't exercising. Can anyone shed some light please? Would be greatly appreciated as I'm really stuck and getting quite stressed cause I need to finish this asap


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    Isn't the special thing about these sports drinks that they replace lost electrolytes as well as water? And some glucose for energy.
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